Agile microlearning.

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Mobile learning with MemoryBox.

Learning…not to forget.

Mobile learning, microlearning, AI-powered adaptive learning and spaced repetition…They may be buzz words you’ve heard in the L&D industry, but, they have real tangible benefits in the world we find ourselves in right now. 

Today’s professional landscape is evolving fast as we enter the age of hybrid working. With remote and flexible working becoming the norm and organisational development becoming even more critical to businesses success, how we engage and develop our people needs to adapt at pace.

Investing in a mobile learning strategy, addresses the need for continuous accessible learning for dispersed workforces or those working from home. Microlearning means employees can learn in small digestible chunks. Adaptive learning means that AI personalises the learning to really hone in on individual knowledge gaps, so no time is wasted. And the use of spaced repetition, an incredibly effective learning psychology, ensures this knowledge really sticks.

Our mobile learning app, MemoryBox, combines all these for an innovative 21st century learning experience. Couple this with gamification features to encourage team connection, competitive spirit and inject some fun into learning, (at a time when team morale likely needs a pick me up), and it’s a win-win. Oh, plus, it’ll improve the performance of your business!

What’s not to love?

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It's like riding a bike.

Repetition reinforces memories.

MemoryBox uses a scientifically proven learning theory called spaced repetition. Whilst typical corporate training methods can leave people forgetting up to 70% of what they’ve learned after just one day, spaced repetition is different. It embeds knowledge in short bursts, over time, meaning it really sticks in your memory, just like riding a bike! MemoryBox combats the forgetting curve, so your employees remember what they need to perform.


Agile Microlearning

Your training content.

Delivered fast to your frontline.

With our unique algorithm, MemoryBox intuitively adapts and personalises the learning to each learner, by identifying and eliminating knowledge gaps. Accessible via mobile, anytime, anywhere, your learners will have the flexibility to learn when it suits them. Whether it’s product knowledge, customer service, or staff onboarding, we’ll customise MemoryBox, with your content, your brand and we’ll deliver it straight into the hands of your frontline employees. And all for a fraction of the cost of face-to-face or other digital training.


Agile Microlearning

2 minutes a day.

A learner experience like no other.

Our comprehensive insights dashboard, allows you to track the impact of the learning and identify gaps in your training, so you know you’re getting a return on your investment. In just two minutes a day, MemoryBox embeds the knowledge your people need to perform. And when they’re ready, MemoryBox, verifies their knowledge with end of unit quizzes. Simple, intuitive and fun. With a gamified and engaging UX, MemoryBox means your learners will want to learn. So, no more chasing people to attend courses or complete elearning!

Have fun.

And you won’t forget.

We’ve taken all the science, developed our own unique algorithm, and boxed it up with the very best engaging UX and gamification features possible.

We’ve put the FUN back into learning! It’s self-initiated, ‘pull’ not ‘push’ learning. And, by utilising mobile learning, the content is where your learners need it, when they need it.

Our mobile learning app is fully customisable, so it fits your organisational culture perfectly. And with unlimited content*, the possibilities are endless!

“Self-initiated, ‘pull’ not ‘push’ learning”


Agile Microlearning

Gamified & engaging.


Agile Microlearning

Daily workouts of 2 minutes.


Agile Microlearning

Quizzes verify knowledge.

Why our learners love MemoryBox.

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Bite-sized mobile learning on-the-go, when it suits me

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Fun, social learning that I want to get involved with

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I choose when and where I learn

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Forward thinking innovation that I love

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Personalised to my needs

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Simple and easy to use

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What can MemoryBox do for you?

Modern workplace challenges. Let’s solve them.

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Connect remote or flexible workers with access to training when it suits them.

Reduce Time icon

Reduce time spent on training for busy employees.

Reduce Cost icon

Reduce costly overheads of face-to-face training.

Creative Thinking

Adapt to the needs and learning styles of the modern workforce.

Keep Training

Keep training content up to date easily.

Increase Impact

Increase the impact of your training and improve business performance.

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Unlimited possibilities.

With unlimited content.

MemoryBox’s silver and gold license plans provide you with the flexibility to use it as much as you would like. Why not push out a content block for each new product launch, refresh and embed existing training, or use it to onboard your new employees?

Immerse your new starters in the mission, values and culture of your company. Help them learn the ropes of their new role. And, why not do all this before they even start with you?

Make sure your people know everything they need to know, about your products and services. The ingredients for a new menu, the specification of a new clothing range, new or existing processes and procedures. With MemoryBox, launching something new to your business has never been easier.

Differentiate your brand, by training your employees how to deliver a customer experience that gets you noticed. Whether it’s making it extra special for your customers or handling complaints, give your employees the knowledge to set you apart from your competitors.

Of course, it’s not always about new product launches or new services. It’s about continually improving your foundations. Whether its reinforcing best practice, embedding culture or a simple refresher, your employees will have up-to-date knowledge, embedded in their long-term memories so it’s right there at their fingertips.

MemoryBox features.

Scientifically proven. Adaptive. Impactful.


Customised to your brand and your content.


Insights dashboard for TNA to maximise impact.


Agile, adaptive learning, identifies & fills individual knowledge gaps.


Engaging UX; daily rewards, unlockable bonuses & leaderboards.

Any Device

Mobile learning, tablet or desktop.


Knowledge verification checks.


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Flexible pricing plans to suit you.

Tailored to your specification requirements and user numbers.

We give you maximum flexibility to find the right plan for you, making MemoryBox accessible for every organisation and one of the most competitively priced options on the market.

Your specification requirements: Bronze, Silver or Gold plan.
Your user number tier: Rise (50-999), Thrive (1000-9999), or Enterprise (10,000+) user tiers.

MemoryBox operates on a subscription basis. Sign up for a month at a time to make sure it’s working for you, without any nasty lock in periods. Or, you can opt for multi-year sign up to access our best value rates. 

Our packages include; product design and customisation, project delivery, hosting, ongoing IT support and ongoing access to the PeopleUnboxed Project Team, whenever you need us.


Our basic plan
  • Basic user engagement analysis
  • Basic self-service administration
  • Customisable push notifications
  • Maximum of 10 active content modules


our 'Impact' plan
  • Learning impact analysis
  • Basic self-service administration
  • Fully branded, customisable scoring
  • Host image content
  • Unlimited content


Our 'Strategic' plan
  • Full strategic analysis, ROI & TNA
  • Full self-service administration
  • Fully branded, fully customisable
  • Hosts images and video content
  • Unlimited content
  • Customisable by user / job role
Rise (50-999 users)
From 80p per user per month
Thrive (1000-9999)
From 25p per user per month
Enterprise (10,000+)
From 8p per user per month
Rise (50-999 users)
From £ 1 per user per month
Thrive (1000-9999)
From 30p per user per month
Enterprise (10,000+)
From 10p per user per month
Rise (50-999 users)
From £ 1.50 per user per month
Thrive (1000-9999)
From 45p per user per month
Enterprise (10,000+)
From 15p per user per month

Discounts available for multi-year sign up. Flexible payment terms available.

Get in touch to discuss your specification requirements and we’ll provide you with a plan to suit your needs!

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