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Bespoke eLearning
Systems Training

The challenge.

TUI were rolling out a new system to all retail employees (4,500) in all branches and had recognised that previous roll-outs of this type had not been well received, with training often being more about watching than getting a chance to practice using the system before its launch. Training had also been delivered too far in advance and was forgotten at the point of need.

560+ stores

The solution.

‘Show me, try me’ elearning module, consisting of multiple short screencasts demonstrating how to use the system, followed by a chance to practice

‘Show me’ sections – clear, concise screencasts, text boxes appearing at key stages where the user would need to do or be aware of something

‘Try me’ sections – customer scenarios allowing the learner to practice just as they would have to in real life with real customers, but in a safe environment. To the learner, apart from the added supportive feedback tips along the way, it felt like they were actually in the new system itself

All sections were accessible to learners any time, meaning they could access a relevant screencast as a refresher as required

The results.

             I was appointed into a new role as Implementation Lead for new software being rolled out to our entire retail estate. As someone who was new into role, I was not very familiar with how to approach an easy-to-use learning solution on such a large scale. I worked with PeopleUnboxed who could not have been more helpful and supportive. They helped me to scope exactly what learning we needed to cascade, and to devise a plan that would most suit both my project and our learners. The project was led in an agile manner – we had a few bumps along the way but Tony and the team could not have been more flexible or supported us anymore if they tried!

The feedback from our learners was AMAZING. Finally, we had managed to make systems training sexy’.

Laura Haywood, Implementation Manager, TUI GROUP