Bespoke eLearning.

Beautifully crafted eLearning. Just for you.

Customised and impactful.

Immersive eLearning you’ll love.

Remote learning is more important than ever. Regardless of whether your employees are working from home, the office, on the road or hybrid, remote learning is essential to connect and empower modern global workforces. The fast pace of work-related changes that companies and workers experience means online, remote training is necessary to maintain effective communication, keep people’s knowledge and skills up-to-date, train new employees and retain existing talent.

With our bespoke eLearning you can engage your remote learners with your unique culture and what really matters to your business. We’ll work with your learning objectives, your imagery, your brand and your tone of voice. Then we’ll add our digital learning expertise to make your eLearning fun, immersive, and interactive to make sure it sticks and your learners love it.

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No ordinary eLearning.

Trust us to make an impact.

Just as we don’t believe in lectures for our face-to-face or virtual classroom training, nor do we believe in just digital manuals that your learners read. Our eLearning makes a real difference by engaging your learners, making them try things out and apply what they’ve learned.

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Immersive & interactive

Our eLearning will engage your learners like no other. Trust us to tell your story and take them on a journey that’s both immersive and interactive. With a variety of media to keep them hooked and interactions throughout to get them thinking, rather than just reading, your learners will be wowed!

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Your unique content, your products, your services, your best practices, your culture. Whatever your intended learning outcome, we’ll take the time to understand your business and tailor your learning to your look, tone of voice and the ‘feel’ of your organisation. Get the buy in you need by engaging your people in your brand.

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Knowledge application & checks

Your learning needs to stick. The key to this is applying their knowledge. Whilst some eLearning falls into the trap of ‘read and click next’ our eLearning is immersive, engaging and prompts your remote learners to put into practice what they’ve learned. Combined with comprehensive, randomised end of unit checks, you can rest assured your digital training is getting you the ROI you deserve.

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Fully compatible

Fully compatible with your LMS and SCORM compliant, our eLearning will integrate perfectly with your existing systems. We have used every major authoring tool, including Adapt, Articulate Storyline 360 and Articulate Rise. If you have a preference, just ask, otherwise our expert designers will guide you to the best tool for your requirements.

Customised to you.

Your brand, your content.

People Unboxed

Impactful for your remote learners.

Immersive and interactive.

elearning multi devices

Ready to make a difference?

Let’s create something special.

From small modules to large scale digitalisation, we’ve got it covered.

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Company history, vision, values and culture; immerse your new starters in your culture from day one.

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Product knowledge

Reach your frontline remote learners with the information they need to perform effectively in their roles.

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Systems training

‘Show me, try me’ eLearning is a great way to understand new or existing systems.

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Customer service skills

Whether it’s sharing best practice or aligning to a new approach, make sure their customer service skills are sharp.

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Personalised to my needs

Part of a blended approach, or part of a remote learning strategy. We’ll guide you.

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And much more!

Whatever your learning objective, we can design and deliver it. Beautifully crafted, with the impact you’re looking for.

From blank canvas to beautiful.

For less than you think.

The cost of a bespoke piece of digital learning can vary wildly from supplier to supplier. After all, you’re starting with a blank canvas for your piece of learning. 

Having said that, it could well be less than you think. And, when you factor in the size of audience, it could actually be a cheaper option than paying a “per user” fee for an off-the-shelf solution.

Plus with us, you’ll avoid getting stung with hefty charges every time you want to make minor updates to your eLearning! Where possible we’ll do minor updates for free, because for us it’s about trusted partnerships.

Example cost: 30 minutes of bespoke eLearning, for delivery to multiple devices: £15,000 + VAT (prices vary based on specific requirements).

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