Leadership Training
Dr. Martens
First Time Managers Programme

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Leadership Training Dr. Martens.First Time Managers Programme. The challenge. Dr. Martens’ Global Learning and Development Lead approached PeopleUnboxed to support the development of soft skill and leadership behaviours in employees transitioning to a management role for the first time. Focus groups had highlighted a need for training in areas such as people management, effectiveness and productivity; our solution needed to expand knowledge and skills in these areas, build confidence to perform this crucial role, and springboard to a successful management career. Dr. Martens signifies rebellious individuality and the programme needed to match up. We designed the First Time Manager Programme (FTMP), a truly blended, multi-modal, unique learning solution, offered by no other provider, called ‘BundleBoxBlend’.  The aims of the programme were defined as: Increased confidence in managers to build autonomy Higher engagement and staff satisfaction within the team members managed by delegates Increased efficiency and effectiveness within the teams managed by delegates 100+ Nationwide The solution. The programme consisted of: virtual classroom sessions, online courses, coaching calls, learning app quizzes and e-workbook activities to embed and apply their new knowledge within their day-today work environment.  Beforehand, we consulted end users about how they best learn and what they wanted to achieve from the programme. We undertook an instrumental pilot cohort that allowed us visibility and led to some minor but impactful changes for the overall success, including amending the regularity of the modules and replacing one of the skills modules. In addition to technology being instrumental in virtual delivery, pre-course elearning and interactive pdf e-workbooks, the most innovative element of the programme was the use of spaced repetition learning app, to embed the learning for lasting impact. The 6 topics were split into LEADER modules: Leadership potential, Engaging people, Authentic communication, Delegating and motivation, Embracing conflict and Responsible leadership. As effective pre/post interventions were key to achieving the desired impact and return on investment, delegates were given access to relevant micro-elearning courses to gain a basic understanding of topics prior to virtual sessions. Dr. Martens provided an internal dedicated mentor to each delegate and an active liaison for a portal where all content was accessible and provided a safe place to ask questions, share advice and discuss real life examples. The design of this programme had maximum engagement and impact at it’s heart..  The results. “”We selected BundleBoxBlend because it provides the right mix of content to support our newest leaders in sharpening their skills and it offered a creative solution that aligns with our blended-learning approach to skills development. The feedback we’ve had from managers and their line managers confirms we made the right choice; they love the PeopleUnboxed team, the programme is contributing to notable behavioural change and, as a result, managers are able to quickly perform competently and confidently in their new role. PeopleUnboxed are a valuable extension to our HR team – right for our people, our culture and our brand.” Global Learning and Development Lead “I look at a lot of things differently to when I first began in this role. The delegation piece, trying to get the team to act for themselves. Communication and understanding that each member is different and thus has different capabilities and learning speed. Stepping back and analysing before acting – it’s all given me a huge confidence boost.” Learner (First Time Manager) “More confident and thoughtful when providing directions, asking open-ended questions to get direct reports thinking.” Line Manager of Learner “I have noticed them reflecting on things rather than rushing to give answers. Adjusting ways of working to different team members to get best out of them. There’s been a definite uptick in their confidence and decision making as a result” Line Manager of Learner “I found the content really interesting and have learnt a lot of things on topics I’ve never really experienced before. It was interactive, well structured, delivered in an engaging way with plenty of support material.” Learner (First Time Manager) “Great experience, really benefitted from this programme.” Learner (First Time Manager) “The overall experience has been seriously helpful, I couldn’t recommend it enough.” Learner (First Time Manager) Previous Next How can we support you with leadership development programmes? Click here to find out more

Learning Technology
Systems Training bespoke eLearning

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Learning Technology. TUI. Bespoke Systems eLearning The challenge. TUI were rolling out a new system to all retail employees (4,500) in all branches and had recognised that previous roll-outs of this type had not been well received, with training often being more about watching than getting a chance to practice using the system before its launch. Training had also been delivered too far in advance and was forgotten at the point of need. 4,500 560+ stores The solution. ‘Show me, try me’ eLearning module, consisting of multiple short screencasts demonstrating how to use the system, followed by a chance to practice. ‘Show me’ sections consisted of clear, concise screencasts and text boxes appearing at key stages where the user would need to do or be aware of something. ‘Try me’ sections consisted of customer scenarios allowing the learner to practice just as they would have to in real life with real customers, but in a safe environment. To the learner, apart from the added supportive feedback tips along the way, it felt like they were actually in the new system itself. All sections were accessible to learners any time, meaning they could access a relevant screencast as a refresher as required. The results. “I was appointed into a new role as Implementation Lead for new software being rolled out to our entire retail estate. As someone who was new into role, I was not very familiar with how to approach an easy-to-use learning solution on such a large scale. I worked with PeopleUnboxed who could not have been more helpful and supportive. They helped me to scope exactly what learning we needed to cascade, and to devise a plan that would most suit both my project and our learners. The project was led in an agile manner – we had a few bumps along the way but Tony and the team could not have been more flexible or supported us anymore if they tried! The feedback from our learners was AMAZING. Finally, we had managed to make systems training ‘sexy’.” Laura Haywood Implementation Manager, TUI Group How can we support you with bespoke eLearning? Click here to find out more

Leadership Development
Five Guys
Full Curriculum Design

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Leadership Development. Five Guys. Full Curriculum Design. The challenge. Five Guys have grown very quickly in the UK and their strong ethos around shoulder-to-shoulder training needed to scale with the business. They wanted a full curriculum design and delivery, from Crew through to Area Managers. This included, QCs (crew trainer), Shift Managers, Assistant Managers, General Managers, District Managers and Area Managers. The solution needed to address a mix of functional and behavioural training needs, and form bespoke blended programmes at each level. Delivery mechanisms needed to fit the audience from shop floor to senior leaders. c1,000 113 stores + H/O The solution. QC Development Programme; blend of eLearning, learner workbook and coach guide. Shift Management Programme; workbook and 2 day course. ‘All The Way’ Assistant Manager & General Manager Programme; mixture of 2 or 3 day soft skill classroom sessions and 8 workshops that included practical hands on scenarios or on the shop floor training, as well as eLearning where required. Designed to address functional needs including Driving Success, Effective Scheduling, Financial Controls, Recruitment, People Practices, Maximising Sales, Training & Effective Comms, H&S and Food Safety. ‘High Five’ District Manager & Area Manager Programme; a year long programme with a blend of highly experiential classroom sessions, with workbooks and coaching calls to embed the learning. Topped with a Graduation Dinner to celebrate the success of these senior leaders. The results. “PeopleUnboxed were the perfect solution for our learning needs. They took the time to truly get to know us, provided invaluable advice and delivered a competitive product that’s proving to be truly impactful for us as a business. It’s rare to be able to find a company who can truly understand us as their client the way that PeopleUnboxed do, and we value a working relationship like that above all others.” Jo JonesHead of Learning & Development, Five Guys How can we support you with leadership development? Click here to find out more

Learning Technology
Dr. Martens
Mobile microlearning

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Learning Technology. Dr. Martens.Mobile Microlearning. The challenge. Dr. Martens’ appeal to people who possess a proud sense of self-expression. For the Highstreet sales assistants, they need to connect with the customer; on a stylistic level, understanding the wearers own individual and very distinctive style; on a practical level, matching DM’s famous durability and comfort with the wearers needs; and then finally on an emotional level, DM’s are a badge of attitude and empowerment and the wearer needs to ‘feel’ this. But, with 100’s of styles to choose from, the challenge for the sales assistants is to understand every one of the unique styles, and have the detailed information at their fingertips when interacting with customers. Additionally, with a high influx of summer temp staff the challenge was upskilling this dispersed workforce quickly. 200+ 30 stores The solution. We utilised our award winning spaced repetition app MemoryBox, to embed knowledge. In just 2 minutes a day, learners complete workouts and quizzes, learning on the go, anytime, anywhere.  AI in the app uses spaced repetition learning psychology to learn what each individual knows and repeat the information they don’t know at certain spaced intervals. This repetition reinforces memories, making the knowledge stick.  The learning is personalised to each individual’s knowledge gaps, and gamification keeps learners hooked and coming back every day! Best-sellers / favourites product range. Focus on knowledge of specific differences in high end products to increase average spend. Focus on add-ons e.g. insoles, show protector. The results. “The staff conversations with customers, has completely changed.” Store Manager “It’s completely and utterly changed everything!” Store Manager “I’ve been here two years and there’s stuff I didn’t know until MemoryBox came along!” Assistant Manager “I have sold a lot more and have more confidence with our originals.” Sales Assistant  “It has enabled staff to talk passionately about products, gaining instant buy in from customers who recognise they know what they’re talking about.” Store Manager  “I’ve had comments from long serving members of staff about their increased knowledge.” Area Manager “It’s the little bits of information that you can pass onto the customer.” Assistant Manager Previous Next How can we support you with learning technology? Find out more

Organisational Culture
Defining the New Normal

Organisational Culture. Lacoste.Defining the New Normal. The challenge. Lacoste chose to transition their people back to their head office when Covid-19 restrictions allowed them to do so, to support this they deployed an organisational culture programme. They recognised this as a once in a generation opportunity to define a new hybrid normal, that focussed on work life integration and put employee wellbeing at it’s heart. The new normal would be a blend of the best of ‘both worlds’, working at home and working in the office. And they were empowering every staff member to define their own individual new normal.  They were looking for supportive, facilitated and fun sessions to achieve this. 60 Home workers The solution. Bespoke 90 minute highly interactive virtual workshops, with Z-card of useful information as a desk drop on return to the office. The sessions explored everyone’s different experiences of lockdown, the impact on mental health, some of the emotional challenges of returning to the office, establishing the best of both home and office worlds and action planning to foster an ongoing culture of wellbeing and psychological safety. The results. “I really liked the topics and the flow covered, it presented a good framework which prompted so many constructive and genuinely helpful conversations.” “It really made you think differently about your approach to our new working environment and how this is going to change over the coming years. Jo made it a really safe environment to talk about things.” “It was fun using the “rooms” on zoom so you were put with different people each time we discussed different ideas. Jo was easy to talk to and she made things really clear.” “Great interaction, the trainer was really nice and really engaging for everyone in the call.” Previous Next How can we support you with organisational culture? Click here to find out more

The 4Ps of Candid Conversations


The “Four Ps” model can help us to plan for a difficult or candid conversation so that both parties find it beneficial.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to plan for a difficult or candid conversation so that both parties find it beneficial
  • Understand how to use the 4Ps to deliver a difficult message
  • Consider how this can help manage under-performance in a structured manner

Assertive Disagreement


When you disagree with someone, it is often best to be direct and clear, as it avoids an unfortunate misunderstanding. People can shy away from disagreement as it can sometimes feel confrontational. The assertive approach introduced in this module helps you to express your disagreement in a professional, constructive manner.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what assertiveness is
  • Learn a process to put your case across without getting emotional
  • Provide context for how to use the model in a real-world environment

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument


Because no two individuals have exactly the same expectations and desires, conflict is a natural part of our interactions with others. This self-test assessment will tell you more about your predominant style of handling conflict and what this means.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide a starting point for your development
  • Identify your conflict handling style
  • Learn about the five conflict handling modes

AID Feedback Model


Providing feedback that encourages open dialogue and communication enhances your credibility as both a teammate and as a leader. AID is a simple feedback model that can be used for positive moments and those that need corrective action.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a simple model for providing feedback
  • Identify your own role in each of the stages
  • Discover the benefits of creating a feedback culture

Action-Centred Leadership


Good managers and leaders should have full command of the three main areas of the Action-Centred Leadership model and should use each of the elements according to the situation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover John Adair’s action-centred leadership model
  • Learn how to adapt the model for your own work situation
  • Investigate the danger of becoming out of balance

Question Types


Asking the right question is at the heart of effective communication and information exchange. Using the right questions can improve a whole range of communication skills; the information we receive back (the answer) will depend very much on the type of question we ask.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn why asking the right question is at the heart of effective communication and information exchange
  • Discover why the right questions in a particular situation can improve a whole range of communication skills

Dr. Mehrabian’s Communication Model


We are always communicating, even when we are not speaking. Other factors communicate what we really think and feel, which can be explained by looking at Albert Mehrabian’s communication model.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the impact of mixed messages when communicating
  • Understand that communication is a blend of words, body language and tone

Situational Leadership


Leaders need to tailor their approach based on the person they are coaching, their experience at the task and their level of enthusiasm for completing it.

The ability to adapt your leadership style to cater to different tasks and your people’s needs is called situational leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership model
  • Recognise directive and supportive behaviours
  • Understand the four leadership styles in line with situational leadership
  • Understand the development levels of team members, based on competence and commitment
  • Become confident with flexing your leadership style to the individual and the situation