Employee engagement.

Forward thinking engagement. For the next generation.

A people-first culture.

What does this mean for you?

Reinventing company culture has become a top priority for every organisation; where every individual feels cared for and respected from the top level to the bottom. It’s about clear vision, strong values, taking care of your employees and, arguably most importantly, creating an autonomous environment, where employees’ decisions are respected and they work collaboratively with trust.

We have created engagement initiatives for small teams through to large, multi-site organisations, plus, we pride ourselves on keeping bang up-to-date with industry trends. So, our consultants are well equipped to support you with exactly what’s right for your business. 

People First Culture
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Employee voice

First things first, you need to hear what your employees are saying, before deciding how to tackle any opportunities. We will work with you to implement appropriate employee feedback measures, if you don’t already have them in place. There are lots of survey tools on the market and we can help you decide what’s right for you. We can also plan and lead focus groups and in-house research to ascertain your key areas of opportunity, so your employees have a clear voice, feeding into your engagement strategy.

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Targeted initiatives

No matter how forward thinking your organisation, things evolve. Once we have identified your areas of opportunity, we will work with you and your teams to create a plan of engagement initiatives to boost your employee's happiness at work. This could include anything from flexible working arrangements, diversity & inclusion initiatives, creating a culture with the human touch, or looking after your employee wellbeing and mental health. We will support you to create a holistic plan that pulls together your strategic organisational objectives and your HR and L&D strategies.

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With a plan in place, we can support you to create a clear communication plan. We will help you consider how to position and deliver key messages as well as what to consider in the way of regular touch points to keep employees informed.

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Once you’ve communicated your commitments, it’s essential you keep to your promises. We can support you as little or as much as you need, dependent on your in-house resources. And, because we’re experts in HR and L&D, we can support across all areas.

Your people are everything.

Let’s create a culture for tomorrow’s world, today.

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Employees feel respected & cared for.

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Diversity & inclusion
Embracing individuality and psychological safety.

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Embracing flexibility
Supporting the transition to home-working.

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Workplace wellbeing
A moral responsibility. And an operational must.

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Redefining the 'human' in HR
Compassionate leaders, high in emotional intelligence.

Ready to make a difference?

How can we help?

As little or as much as you need us.

Whether you need us to help create an employee engagement strategy from scratch, or whether you just need some help around your existing initiatives, we have plenty to offer. Here’s some thoughts to get your ideas flowing! Get in touch today and our expert consultants will talk things through, understand your business and make recommendations for what’s right for you.

employee wellbeing

Supporting a transition to home working.

Work life integration is not a new concept, but the need to meet it is higher than ever. Having all gone through a world-wide ‘working from home experiment’ there’s a once in a generation opportunity to embrace the learns from this and define a new normal.

What’s more, 75% of employees report increased productivity working at home, and 71% report reduced levels of stress from not commuting.

We can help you work through the challenges of transitioning to a new way of working:

  • Virtual facilitated sessions to explore defining a new normal
  • Webinar training on the practical elements of home working
  • Getting the most out of remote technology, such as Microsoft Teams
  • Our Remote Control virtual classroom training to support managers
  • How about our Psychological Safety course that explores creating teams where flexibility and adaptability to each individual is embraced
  • Or maybe it’s support around flexible working initiatives such as core hours

Compassionate leaders, high in emotional intelligence.

Despite technology, people still inherently seek compassion, appreciation, and belongingness.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) and cultural intelligence (CQ) are fast becoming critical skills for managers and employees alike. Whilst we must embrace technology, we must not eliminate the need to form interpersonal bonds with our employees through compassionate leaders.

We can help you develop the leaders of your future:

  • Emotional Intelligence training (virtual and face-to-face)
  • How about our Culture Vulture course that explores how to create a great place to work, with values and purpose at it’s centre
  • Our Cultural Intelligence course explores the skills and knowledge needed to allow leaders to embrace, build and prosper in culturally diverse situations
  • Or maybe it’s considering your company values, and putting people at the heart of your decisions

Embracing individuality and psychological safety.

When people from different walks of life come together, they offer a fresh perspective, new ideas, and form a more innovative and forward-thinking workforce.

What’s more, new-age employees expect organisations to embrace their individuality and create an environment where everyone can truly be themselves.

We can help you develop an inclusive culture:

  • Our All Inclusive course which introduces equality, diversity and inclusion and the benefits and risks to organisations, as well as how to actively promote a diverse workforce
  • Unconscious bias training (virtual and face-to-face)
  • Training around creating an environment of Psychological Safety
  • Considering your recruitment strategies, or equipping managers with interviewing skills
  • Maybe you’re actively trying to balance gender diversity and want to look at women’s leadership programmes
  • Creative thinking sessions, or why not think about team building?
  • Or maybe it’s considering company policies around workwear, allowing everyone to express themselves

A moral responsibility. And an operational must.

Employees spend a huge amount of their waking hours at work. The work environment and culture have a lot to do with their health, and this has a direct impact on productivity and performance.

Offering a sound corporate wellness programme is a financial responsibility as well as a moral one.

We can help you develop a culture of workplace wellbeing:

  • Ofqual regulated Mental Health First Aid qualifications; setup a team of mental health first aiders to proactively create a positive wellbeing culture and address possible concerns
  • Webinar training on wellbeing whilst working at home
  • Our Workplace Wellbeing course to support managers and employees to create a positive environment around wellness
  • Or our Resilience Brilliance course to help people cope with the pressures of modern day life
  • Or, why not let us help you create a holistic wellbeing strategy