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We’ve bundled together some of our most popular courses so you can implement comprehensive development programmes with ease and develop your future talent with confidence.

Single programmes, through to full curriculums, we’ve done it all. Choose a bundle, create your own or let’s discuss your individual needs. Whatever it is, we can design and deliver it for you.

And just because BundleBox appears ‘off-the-shelf’, doesn’t mean that our expert instructional designers and facilitators won’t tailor the sessions to your business, just as you’d expect.

We deliver.

Programmes tailored to you.

Want a fully bespoke programme?

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You get.

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Want a full management curriculum?

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Perfectly blended.

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High energy, experiential & engaging training.



Work-based activities to apply learning in role.



Individual coaching calls after each classroom session.

BundleBox programmes.

From first time manager, to lead and inspire.

If you’re looking for a development programme, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve bundled together some of our most popular courses into a variety of learning paths to give you a kick start. Nothing is set in stone though, we’ll work with you to make sure it fits your needs exactly! We can swap around topics as you wish, and of course we tailor every single one of our learning interventions to your organisation and culture.


Everything your new managers need to set them up for success.

This programme will provide all the essential skills needed to manage a team of people. Everything from basic communication skills to having more challenging, honest conversations to get buy-in from the team. It will also cover optimal planning of daily activities, to maximise productivity.

Programme elements:

  • People Management 
  • Accountability 
  • Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Communication 
  • Candid Conversations & Conflict 
  • Presentation Skills 

From £8,750 or get in touch for virtual pricing

Enhancing personal brand to maximise influence and impact.

This programme focusses your leaders on building their personal brand and how they present themselves to others. It will also cover stakeholder management to support them widening their networks, and sphere of influence across the business.

Programme elements:

  • Communication 
  • Candid Conversations & Conflict 
  • Networking & Personal Branding 
  • Presentation Skills 

From £5,975 or get in touch for virtual pricing

Helping to get more out of the team through deeper understanding.

This programme will take your leaders on a deeper dive into understanding themselves and their teams and how to influence and coach them for improved results. It will also focus on empowerment of team members to drive self-led development and idea generation.

Programme elements:

  • Accountability 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Influence & Negotiation 
  • Coaching
  • Innovation

From £7,750 or get in touch for virtual pricing

Advanced leadership skills for the experienced leader.

This programme takes leadership to the next level. It will cover a range of elements to develop your leaders into innovative and inspirational role models. These include building personal brand and influence, understanding team members and how to inspire them into action, and challenging their strategic and creative mindset to lead your business into the future.

Programme elements:

  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Influence & Negotiation 
  • Coaching
  • Networking & Personal Branding 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Innovation

From £9,975 or get in touch for virtual pricing

Setting your leaders up for success in the ever changing 21st century workplace.

This programme tackles the challenges faced by the modern leader. It focuses on developing your leaders into agile, adaptive, free thinkers, whilst taking into consideration the needs of the modern workforce. It will focus on understanding the emotional needs of today’s employees and set your leaders up to be resilient in the face of change.

Programme elements:

  • Change Management 
  • Unconscious Bias & D&I 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Resilience & Psychological Safety 
  • Managing Team Wellbeing
  • Managing Remote Teams

From £8,475 or get in touch for virtual pricing

  • Mix and match 5-6 units
  • Or tell us your unique learning requirements and we’ll advise you

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Next generation learning.

This is something really special. A unique learning solution, offered by no other provider. Create a fully blended, holistic, multi-modal, development programme that truly changes behaviour. We know that to properly embed learning and achieve behavioural change, takes time. Effective pre and post interventions are the key to getting the impact you want from your learning investment.

Take your learning journey to a completely new level.



Pre-course elearning

Access to our award-winning AllBoxedUp online courses, all of which have been accredited by City & Guilds.



Leadership programmes

Blended programmes with classroom sessions, post-course embedding elements and one-to-one follow-up coaching.



Post-course embedding

Agile microlearning app that offers scientifically proven, adaptive learning to embed knowledge in just 2 minutes a day.

Premium development programmes.

Without the price tag.

Your leaders will be reaching brand new heights. And with prices starting from as little as £5,000 for a cohort of 12 people, and a genuine return on your investment, there’s real value for your business too. 

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