Leadership Training Rentokil Initial Mental Wellbeing

Leadership Training
Rentokil Initial
Mental Wellbeing

The challenge.

Covid-19 has impacted workforces everywhere and will continue to do so. The ongoing uncertainty has had a profound impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

For Rentokil, they saw this as an opportunity to provide support, deploy training and start a journey of culture change around mental health.

A two-fold approach was required to cater for head office staff globally, as well as UK frontline managers, and time was of the essence.

360 in 2020
7 global markets + UK operations

The solution.

Two virtual classroom sessions designed; 2 hour session for global office staff and a more in-depth 8 hour session, split across 2 days for UK frontline managers

Designed to maximise participation and discussion in small groups

Provided learners with tools and techniques to recognise mental health conditions, as well as challenging stigma and supporting with tools to create a psychologically safe culture back in role

Blended with post course activity books, and online assessments to maximise reflection and learning transfer

The results.