Leadership Training Uniper Dignity at Work

Leadership Training
Dignity at Work

The challenge.

As part of their UK D&I plans, Uniper wanted to deliver some bespoke training around Dignity at Work, to bring people together to focus on diversity, unconscious bias, cultural intelligence and inclusion.

They were looking for engaging, supportive and interactive sessions with strong facilitation in order to create a safe space to open up discussions around a sensitive topic, with a view to impacting a wider cultural change.

Field based operations management

The solution.

Bespoke 3 hour interactive virtual workshops, including pre and post course materials

The sessions explored the benefit of dignity at work, the change in social attitudes and leadership styles over recent years, recognising and challenging our own bias’, and proactively seeking to improve cultural intelligence and create working environments that fostered psychological safety

Open discussion, breakouts, chat function and empathic facilitation allowed for participants to talk freely, and explore their thoughts and feelings

The results.