Off-the-shelf eLearning.

Simple. Flexible. Ready to go.


Next generation eLearning.

The challenge of remaining compliant whilst providing your employees with quality content they enjoy learning, needn’t be a concern. Health and safety, equality and diversity, or allergen awareness we’ve got your key compliance needs covered.

But, with us it’s more than just compliance. Our digital library gives you a host of great modules to provide your employees with personal and leadership development online. Whether it’s enabling personal growth through online self-assessments, or learning leadership principles, we’ve got it all boxed up for you with our digital learning library, AllBoxedUp.

With more than 30 digital learning courses ready to use right out-of-the-box, AllBoxedUp provides a simple solution to onboarding a new employee, building new skills for first-time leaders or helping you to change workplace behaviour.

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Ready to go

Our off the shelf courses are designed for businesses with needs just like yours. Whether you need to develop your future leaders, help your teams’ gel or simply meet legislative requirements, our library is ready when you are.

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Content that makes a difference

Confused about what you need to cover to be legally compliant? We take care to select the right industry leading subject experts and content partners so you can be confident in our content. And our proven expertise in learning design will help your learners get the most out of each course.

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Flexible delivery

Whether you already have a learning management system or you're starting afresh, AllBoxedUp Courses can fit around your needs. Simply upload our library onto your existing platform or take advantage of our dedicated Courses Learning Portal to allow your learners to access the courses you need.

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Priced for what you need

Each organisation is unique, so we've made sure there are plenty of ways for you to buy what you need. If you want a holistic solution for all your training, then a Library Subscription is what you need to give your users unlimited access to all our courses.

Alternatively, if you simply need some specific courses, then why not buy some of our Library Seat bundles and pay only for the courses you need. Priced for you, whatever your needs.

Simple. Flexible. Ready to go.

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Priced for you.

Whatever your needs.

No matter the size of your organisation, or the range of courses you’re looking for, one of our plans can work for you. 

With more than 50 courses in our library, covering topics like compliance, personal development, management, communication and more, our Seats and Subscription pricing is perfect for all training needs.

Library Subscription

Per user license fee to access all courses in the Standard Library, paid annually.

Learners will have unlimited access to all the courses in our growing standard library.

Example Pricing*
50 users @ £50 per user
500 users @ £35 per user
5000 users @ £9 per user


Pre-paid bundle of seat tickets. (1 ticket = 1 learning on 1 course).

Great value if you only need your learners to access a small number of chosen courses.

Example Pricing*
50 Seat bundle – £500
500 Seat bundle – £3,350
5000 Seat bundle – £12,500

*These prices are a guide. The price will reflect your specific needs.

A truly blended solution.

Trust us to get it just right.

This is as good as it gets! Why not combine AllBoxedUp with our BundleBox leadership programmes?

Offering face-to-face or virtual classroom training, post-course application and coaching calls, our leadership programmes are blended for maximum impact. Plus we’ll select the right online courses from our AllBoxedUp library to further compliment the learning.

The cherry on the cake? MemoryBox to embed the learning.

This is a truly unique learning solution, offered by no other provider. Your employees get a holistic, multi-modal, development programme that truly changes behaviour.