Team building.

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The route to amazing.

When brilliant minds with big ambitions, work towards a common goal, amazing things happen. Employees are able to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses and become unstoppable.

This is why collaboration and teamwork play such a crucial role in the success of any business. But in a recent study, 86% of employees and executives cited lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

Let’s set you on the route to amazing.

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High Energy

High Energy

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Choose from our popular activities or speak to us about your objectives and we’ll create a session specific to your requirements.

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What can team building do for you?

Connection and collaboration.





Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Cross Functional Working

Cross-functional Working

Idea Sharing

Idea Sharing

Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking

Striving for Excellence

Striving for Excellence


Psychological Safety

Values & Culture

Values & Culture

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With our most popular activities.

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With more than 20 activities up our sleeves, just tell us your objective, and we’ll do the rest.

Bridge the Gap

Closing the gap between mediocracy and excellence is only possible with effective, inclusive teamwork.

Teams must work together to build a bridge using only wooden sticks! 

This activity tests your teams ability to actively listen, involve everyone, cross-pollinate ideas from team to team and springboard off each others ideas to reach the best solution. Teams must come together at the end to achieve the ultimate goal! Requires space – get in touch for details.

Can you Bridge the Gap?

Learning focus:

  • Clear communication and active listening
  • Creative and logical thinking
  • Cross-functional working
  • Idea sharing
  • Inclusive teamwork

Break the Box

Innovative thinking and creative problem solving with a twist. Break the rules and think outside the box.

A series of seemingly random tasks are set for each team. Teams must work together to find innovative ideas, think outside the box and really push the boundaries of the rules to win. The more extreme, the more likely they are to succeed! 

This activity tests your team’s ability to work together, brainstorm ideas and really push creative problem solving to the limit!

Learning focus:

  • Clear communication
  • Creative and innovative thinking
  • Effective teamwork
  • Idea sharing
  • Striving for excellence

Escape the 'Room'

Thinking on your feet and working together under pressure wins the day.

Teams must work together to solve a sequence of logical puzzles. Simple right? Wrong. 

This activity really puts communication, listening and ability to work together under pressure, to the test. Made up from a series of table top challenges, this activity can be tailored in duration and complexity, with a multitude of puzzles up our sleeves. Particularly good for large groups. 

Will your teams crack the code and escape?

Learning focus:

  • Communication and listening skills
  • Creative and logical thinking
  • Idea sharing
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Working under pressure

“Hands down, one of the best team days we’ve ever had!”


Reality Check

Tests individual's perception of reality in order to build the bigger picture.

Individually, we don’t have the answer. However, when we work together we can reach our overall goals. 

Teams must determine the sequence of a story, but each person only has visibility of one piece of the puzzle, so working together is essential to success. This activity illustrates the impact of sender and receiver, ambiguity of messages, active listening, and communicating our individual model of the world. 

Can your teams work together to build the bigger picture?

Learning focus:

  • Active listening and not talking over each other
  • Big picture thinking
  • Clear and precise communication
  • Cooperation
  • Working towards a higher goal

Lego Serious Play

Coming Soon!