Wellbeing in the workplace.

Be well. Work well.

Workplace wellbeing.

A moral responsibility. And an operational must.

Let us help you create an environment where your employees can thrive. Not just survive.

Whether you’re looking for First Aid for Mental Health qualifications, basic mental wellbeing training, support for managers to look after team wellbeing, training to boost employee resilience, or a more in-depth programme of wellbeing initiatives; we’ve got what you need.

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Mental Health in Work Place

Mental Health First Aiders.

Important now. Essential for the future.

Mental health is absolutely essential for business, now more than ever. Given the stressful and turbulent environment businesses are operating in, it’s obvious that your workforce’s mental health will be impacted. 

Employee mental wellbeing is often not talked about, or hidden, due to stigma or fear of discrimination. Research has shown that this collective culture of fear and silence is terribly costly for employers. 

Equipping your organisation with Mental Health First Aiders isn’t just a reactive measure to help look after your teams’ wellbeing during the trying times we’re in right now. It’s the key to being proactive toward your teams’ happiness at work, and a vital step in creating an open and positive mental health culture within your workforce. Plus, with PeopleUnboxed, you get some additional soft skills training included to truly give your employees the skills they need to talk openly about mental health.

We offer organisational courses and open courses so whether you want to get a group of people qualified, or just a few we can cater to your needs. Plus, both can be delivered virtually, which means we can help you develop Mental Health First Aiders for your business, whilst your teams are working remotely. 

It starts with a conversation.

And results in cultural change.

Employee mental health is often not talked about, or hidden, due to stigma or fear of discrimination. Research has shown that this collective culture of fear and silence is terribly costly for employers. Together we can break the stigma, and get you set up for creating an open and positive mental health culture in your organisation.


cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

1 in 4

people in the UK will experience a mental health problem.

15.4 million

working days lost.

1 in 6

Employees experience mental health problems in the workplace.

Research shows a 67% increase in stress and a 57% increase in anxiety as a result of Covid-19.

First Aid for Mental Health.

Ofqual-regulated qualifications, and options to suit you.

Workplace Mental Health Training & Programs

Awareness of


FAA Level 1

Delivery options

Half day

1 x 4 hour session + 1 hour 1-1 support conversation and qualification verification



FAA Level 2

Delivery options

1 day

2 x 4 hour sessions (across 2 days) + 1 hour 1-1 support conversation and qualification verification



FAA Level 3

Delivery options

2 days

3 x 4 hour sessions (across 3 days) + 1 hour 1-1 support conversation and qualification verification

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A positive culture of wellbeing.

Raise awareness and develop life-long skills.

We’ve all heard the safety briefings on an aircraft where they tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Wellbeing and mental health is no different; we have to look after ourselves to be able to look after others. 

Equipping your people with the right tools and knowledge to be resilient, understand their emotions and look after their own mental health, is the first step to a healthy and happy workforce. 

Workplace Mental Health Support

Resilience Brilliance.

Helping your people to handle stress.

Resilience and psychological safety are critical within the modern-day workplace. We can help your teams to maintain balance in their lives during stressful and testing periods and to create environments of psychological safety which help them to feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of one another. 

Take a look at our ‘Resilience Brilliance’ course which tackles the concept of resilience and its impact on the workplace; explores the concept of effort versus time and discusses how to create a culture of psychological safety and get the best from employees.

Mental Health in Work Place

Workplace Wellbeing.

Helping you to manage team wellness.

Wellbeing impacts overall team performance and commitment, either positively or negatively. Your modern leaders need to understand what it takes to foster a positive workplace that encourages team wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance. What’s more, your employees need to feel empowered to proactively manage their own wellbeing, so it becomes a way of life.

Take a look at our ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ course which takes delegates through the key wellbeing factors, offering ideas and solutions to create a lasting positive, healthy working environment.

Remote control

Remote Control.

Effectively managing remote teams.

For many of us home working or working remotely is not new. For others, this is a situation we’ve found ourselves adapting to more and more in recent times. Often the key challenges lie around effective communication and trust; being able to relinquish that control to allow our people to work in a way that suits them and still delivers the goods.

Take a look at our ‘Remote Control’ course where we support leaders to effectively communicate, build trust, maximise performance, and create an environment that motivates remote teams.

Mental Health in Work Place

Psychological Safety.

Empowering emotionally authentic teams.

We might all be weathering the same storm, but we are all steering different ships! With many of us and our employees working from home and trying to juggle home life responsibilities alongside work, it is now more important than ever to be able create teams where individuals are understood, accepted and respected.

Take a look at our ‘Psychological Safety’ course where we will support you to build teams that feel safe to be their authentic selves, express their ideas and opinions openly, take risks and learn from their mistakes. Propel your team’s performance and happiness!

Discover more.

We can upskill your people in a whole host of other areas to support wellness and a journey of self-understanding. For example, emotional intelligence, personality profiling, working smart not hard, or handling conflict confidently, to name just a few.
Take a look at our full course library!

Be well. Work well.

Holistic wellbeing thinking.

We’ll support you in designing and delivering a holistic standalone wellbeing strategy, tailored to your organisation, using a 3-dimensional approach; focussing on mental, physical and financial health.

Our experts have facilitated large scale wellbeing programmes and small scale initiatives, and we know what it takes to create a positive wellness culture in your workplace.

We have lots of ideas up our sleeves plus a team of partners across a variety of areas to support you with just what you need.

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