Leading with FACE

For me, the main role of a leader is to get the most of their team. Everything else within the term leadership is about how we go about achieving this. It’s about creating an environment that is inclusive for everyone, that fits everyone’s individual needs and where everyone can thrive. At PeopleUnboxed, this is when … Read more

Back to the future…way of working

An offer of a cup of coffee, a chat around the water cooler, group brainstorms, or waking up properly on the morning commute. What is it that you’ve missed about the office? Or maybe it’s nothing at all? Whilst many of us have enjoyed working remotely and the flexibility this has afforded us, most of … Read more

Modern Leader

As the wants and needs of employees continue to evolve, so must the leadership styles that engage, empower and inspire them. There are certain traits, behaviours and characteristics that remain, and always will remain, completely synonymous with great leadership. However, there are also several attributes seen as crucial in today’s business climate that were previously … Read more

Workplace wellbeing – tried & tested top tips for the long-term

Every day when I log on to social media, it seems like the proportion of posts talking about employee mental health and wellbeing is increasing exponentially, and my feelings are torn on this. Of course, I’m delighted this crucial topic is getting the attention it deserves. On the flip side, I’m disappointed it took so … Read more

Last one out turn off the lights?

Providing exceptional customer service is an age-old challenge faced by organisations within the hospitality industry. Consistently delivering on expectations is made difficult by varied and ever-changing needs of the customer and the reliance on the standards and attitudes of employees. As we move ever deeper into a world dominated by technology, and interactions become more … Read more